Johnson wins yield contest

Johnson wins yield contest Charles Johnson of Vermillion recently was awarded a spot in the Hawkeye Hybrids' Championship Yield Club for 2003.

The Championship Yield Club program is a yield-based incentive program to reward farmers who achieve high corn yields in their farm fields. The club is open to anyone who yields 200 bushels per acre or greater using a corn hybrid from Hawkeye Hybrids. A minimum of one acre must be measured with the yield to be eligible for the program.

In Nebraska, irrigated fields must see a yield of 220 bushels per acre in any one acre. Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri dryland farmers win if they yield 175 bushels per acre.

Johnson achieved a yield of 208.5 bushels per acre using SX49.

"There were more than 150 winners this year from Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri," and Arlen Eggerling, president of Hawkeye Hybrids.

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