Letters To the editor:

I am concerned. Our voters spoke very clearly, that purchasing and renovating the Community First Bank was not an option.

However, it appears the mayor as well as certain members of the city council are forging ahead as though the community had not spoken.



Pat Michels


Janklow carelessly used roads as raceway

To the editor:

How can our government protect our families when no action has ever been taken against a representative of the people who habitually breaks laws endangering everybody using the public thoroughfare?

A man is allowed to mount his best defense, and to this end, William Janklow's lawyers suppressed his prior negligent behavior as having nothing to do with the death of Mr. Randolph Scott from Minnesota.

I disagree and think the court should allow any relevant prior behavior. I think every reasonable American can see Janklow's prior behavior is the root cause of this fatality.

This accident could have been predicted by a government actuarial because statistics show speeding is a contributing factor in over half of all fatalities. And our government knows anyone not inside a vehicle, including cyclists pedestrians, are the most frequent victims of roadway slaughter. And look what happened ? a speeding motorist killed a cyclist.

If statistics make this 'accident' predictable, why doesn't our government speak out against any roadway behavior that causes unnecessary risk? After all, our culture is basicly you and me driving around in our vehicles.

Our government has come out against drunk driving, road rage, and street racing. Special speed limits have been established for schools and work zones. People themselves have established a code of behavior in parking lots that protects pedestrians from speeding vehicles.

Would Janklow blow past someone in a parking lot at 71 mph? If he did, that would appear medically induced, but he probably never acted that way because people would see his face and nobody would vote for him. People would complain if someone drove like that in a parking lot and the authorities would immediately act to end such dangerous behavior.

But our government did not stand up to Janklow for carelessly using our roads as his personal raceway.

Why can't our government speak out and remind all people to use their parking lot manners on every road with everybody, no matter whether that person is on foot, on a cycle, or an elderly person dawdling along in their car? Why should courtesy and responsibility only be allowed in a parking lot?

Janklow is a popular man who never heard his government say how important it is to drive responsibly at all times and not just when voters can see your face. If our government demanded personal responsibility at all times, Janklow's 12 speeding tickets and eight 'accidents' would have been noticed, just as they should have been noticed at his trial.

Gene Haynes

Rosenberg, TX

Thanks for letting us serve

To the editor:

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day in Vermillion, Nov. 27 when over 200 people gathered at the National Guard Armory to enjoy a Thanksgiving day dinner with turkey and all the trimmings catered by Hy-Vee Food Store.

Men, women and children came from near and far to enjoy not only a meal, but the company of others. Students from China and Thailand were welcomed by the Vermillion community. Several pastors from our local churches were in attendance.

The Rev. Joe Villalobos of the Faith Fellowship church coordinates the event titled "Feed the Multitude" with the assistance of the Ministerial Association. He orders the food, contacts the workers, and makes out the work schedule. Pastor Joe was unable to be present so he once again asked if I would coordinate the event. This was my fourth year, and I love to see and meet the people I haven't seen since last year.

The ladies of Trinity Lutheran, United Church of Christ, St. Paul's Episcopal, Hillside Community, Bergen Lutheran, and Dalesburg provided a variety of pies � pumpkin, apple and cherry. A new surprise ? from across the border, Faith Lutheran Church Youth Mission Corps from Maskell, NE, brought a box filled with at least a dozen pumpkin pies. A special thank you for involving your community with Vermillion. I believe some of your members were at the armory to eat with us.

The tables were set up Wednesday night by members of the Methodist church, and yours truly decorated the tables in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme.

"Ms. Priscilla Pilgrim" welcomed the people to the dinner. Rev. Nesselhuf led the prayer before the meal.

There was sufficient help in dishing out the food, cutting pies and helping with clean-up. One little girl dished out mashed potatoes with the help of her father. I was pleased to see many young people coming to offer their services for this worthy cause.

A youth group and adults from St. Agnes church helped with putting the tables and chairs back. Special thanks to the ladies from Faith Fellowship who cleaned up in the kitchen.

We thank our families for letting us serve the community and be with them later in the day for dinner.

A special thanks to Pastor Joe, Andy at Hy-Vee for catering the food, Lauren Tolsma for opening the doors of the armory, and all the Vermillion community who came to help. It was my pleasure to once again work with religions of all denominations.

We give thanks to the Lord that he has blessed the Vermillion community so generously.

Mary Geffre Johnson

Event coordinator


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