Letters Time for homosexual marriage?

To the editor:

In a time when so many choose to live together without the sanction of marriage, to avoid many of the legal as well as social demands of marriage, others are demanding the right (?) of marriage with others of the same sex! Almost makes marriage undefinable!

The one issue perhaps all can understand is the tax break for a legally married couple living together, as opposed to none such for a homosexual couple. It would seem that this might be addressed by changes in tax laws, and many other would join the crusade. Two school teachers living together to have a better apartment than each could afford on low teachers' salaries; daughters and dependent mothers; sisters; brothers; students of all kinds; and many other combinations. Social Security has built in inequality for working as opposed to stay-at-home wives. Just keep redefining marriage.

Are homosexual marriage advocates accepting all the obligations they face? Legal fidelity requirements? Lifelong responsibility for each other's debts? Inheritance obligations? In sickness and health? Long, expensive divorce?

It has been said, "Be careful what you wish for. You might get it."

Perhaps it's time for society to insist on marriage for homosexual couples.

Kathleen B. Block


We're not kidding

To the editor:

The taxpayers of Vermillion recently gave our mayor and city council a resounding "NO" on their plans to buy the Community First Bank building and renovate it into a new city hall. The vote wasn't even close. This community spoke loudly and clearly.

Did anyone watch the city council meeting on Dec. 1? Do you know what our mayor is working towards? Buying the Community First Bank building and renovating it into a new city hall. No? we're not kidding .


Neil Melby

Lynette Melby


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