Local students celebrate Character Counts&#169 pillar

Local students celebrate Character Counts© pillar The Vermillion Elementary Schools celebrated the Character Counts© pillar of "Caring" on Dec. 9 with an all school assembly at both Jolley and Austin.

The elementary students were treated to two skits, written by Cori Bazemore, that reflected the Character Counts© pillar of caring, as seen by Native Americans. In the first skit, Cori's two grandchildren, Jonah Thin Elk and Rich Boyd visit "Grandma Bazemore."

The boys volunteer to shovel the snow from Grandma's sidewalk and driveway. In the second skit, Rich and Cori visit Jonah, who is in the hospital with the flu. Cori and Rich give Jonah a Dream Catcher and a Spirit Helper Doll to aid him in his recovery.

After the skits, students who have received a Character Counts© Pillar sticker stood while their name were read. The six pillars of Character Counts© are: Trustworthiness, Fairness, Respect, Caring, Responsibility, and Citizenship.

If you have questions about Character Counts©, please visit with your child's teacher or log on to www.charactercounts.com on the Web.

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