Mews chosen for honors choir

Mews chosen for honors choir by Ally Eckert Wakonda fourth-grader Lauren Mews was chosen to take part in the 2004 Elementary Honors Chorus. The chorus will consist of fourth- through sixth- graders from around the state.

To enter, the student had to fill out an audition form and make a tape of themselves singing two songs including My Country Tis of Thee.

The tapes were then submitted by the students' music teacher who had to be a member of the South Dakota Music Educators Association or SDMEA. Stacy Kirschenmann submitted one tape from her Wakonda classes and that was, of course, Lauren's.

The tapes were then listen to by a panel and judged on tone quality, tonal memory, intonation, and diction.

The concert, set for Feb. 12, will be the closing to the In-Service Conference held each year in Brookings.

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