Parents: Start saving your money now

Parents: Start saving your money now by Nicole Mosberger Prom is just around the corner with this year's theme of Evening in Paris.

It seems like prom keeps getting more expensive as more years go by. Everyone is worried about what tux or dress they pick out, what their hair looks like and making sure they look perfect for this exciting event of the year.

For parents who are wondering how much prom can cost, it takes about $200 to $250 for boys and girls, not including gas money for traveling.

The average prom dress costs about $125 to $140. Tuxedos run about $75 to $90 to rent. To add the little extra touch to looking good, accessories are a must to most. Girls' accessories cost $15 to $30. Guys' accessories cost $5 to $7. Don't forget you have to buy a nice corsage for your date. Both corsages for you and your date is about $15 to $20. When you and your date go out to eat, your meal together should be about $25 to $35. Pictures for you and your date should be $25 to $30.

Prom is very expensive and seems to be getting more expensive. Prom is a big thing for high school. So parents you better start saving the money up now, so you are able to afford it. It is just around the corner. Prom this year is May 8.

The juniors also know prom is expensive. The juniors have to decorate for prom. The juniors have been doing many fund raisers to help out with the costs for decorations, the DJ and many other costs that go along with prom.

The juniors have had a magazine sale and raised $3245.27, sold Pampered Chef, raffled off a DVD player and had a bake sale at the elementary Christmas concert.

The juniors hope to make prom an exciting time and make it unforgettable.

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