Tanagers open season against Lincoln Dec. 5

Tanagers open season against Lincoln Dec. 5 by Jim Prosser The Vermillion Tanager gymnasts opened their season Tuesday, Dec. 2 by hosting the Sioux Falls Lincoln Patriots.

Final scores in each varsity event are:

Ariel Hofman (V), 8.6; Audrey Kruse (SFL), 8.1; Steph Kortan (SFL), 7.95; Alli Billion (SFL), 7.85; Molly Kruse (SFL), 7.8.

Floor Exercise

Megan Clark (SFL) 9.0; Audrey Kruse (SFL), 8.45; Steph Kortan (SFL), 8.15; Ariel Hofman (V), 7.9; Alli Billion (SFL), 7.8.

Steph Kortan (SFL) 8.9; Audrey Kruse (SFL), 8.8; Megan Clark (SFL), 8.6; Megan Stutzman (SFL), 8.5; Molly Kruse (SFL), 7.5.


Molly Kruse (SFL) 8.9; Steph Kortan (SFL) 8.8; Megan Clarke (SFL) 8.8; Alli Billion (SFL) 8.8; Sarah Christopherson (V) 8.4; Audrey Kruse (SFL) 8.4; Megan Stutzman (SFL), 8.4.

All Around

Clark, 34.1; Kortan, 33.8; A. Kruse, 33.75; M. Kruse, 31.9; Hofman, 30.1; Christopherson, 27.5.

Tanager JV places were:

Beam �

Calle Sorensen, third, and Rachel Lorenz, fifth.

Uneven Bars

Lorenz, first.

Floor Exercise

Lorenz, fourth.

"I'm excited about the season," said coach Mark Upward. "We have Kelly Knutson back as an assistant coach. She adds so much to our program.

"Starting the season against two AA schools in the same week was our pre-season warm-up."

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