Vermillion hosts Jr. High Invite Dec. 20

Vermillion hosts Jr. High Invite Dec. 20 by Jim Prosser Nearly 100 wrestlers in grades 7, 8 and 9 participated in the Vermillion Junior High Invitational Dec. 20.

Participating teams came from Vermillion, Elk Point-Jefferson, West Central and Yankton.

Medals were awarded to the top three place winners in each weight class. Those placing fourth and fifth received ribbons.

Winning wrestlers, listed in the order they placed, are:

Weight Class 1

Dylan Schrempp, Yankton

Jeremy Schrempp, Yankton

Weight Class 2

Nick Hutcheson, EP-J

Justin Sathe, Yankton

Tony Hubert, Vermillion

J.R. Moore, Vermillion

Weight Class 3

Adam Tripp, WC

Nick Bottger, EP-J

Isaac Druin, Vermillion

Weight Class 4

Jacob Rausch, Yankton

Troy Donnelly, EP-J

Casey King, Yankton

D.J. Donahoe, Vermillion

Weight Class 5

Tommy Bottger, EP-J

Jon Kruse, Yankton

Weight Class 6

Bax Kaven, Yankton, tie

Tim Healy, Yankton, tie

Josh Koch, Yankton, tie

Weight Class 7

Ryan Burton, Yankton

Kyle Limoges, EP-J

Jeff Carr, Vermillion

Weight Class 8

Nathan Braaten, Yankton

Danny Manas, Yankton

Andy Novak, Yankton

Anthony Nelson, Vermillion

Chris Mathison, Vermillion

Weight Class 9

Codi Johnson, Yankton

Troy Turkleson, EP-J

Garret Thompson, EP-J

Kyle Buum, EP-J

Weight Class 10

Jerry Renken, EP-J

Jeremiah Strike, Yankton

Jonny Healy, Yankton

Weight Class 11

Derek Guthmiller, Yankton

David Kearney, Yankton

Cody Braun, EP-J

Weight Class 12

Tabor Martin, WC

J.T. Silvermail, Yankton

Colin Berke, Yankton

Josh Smock, Vermillion

Weight Class 13

Jon Moser, Yankton

Andrew Eidem, Vermillion

Aaron Gill, EP-J

Mychal Rechtenbaug, WC

Weight Class 15

Alan Heilman, Yankton

Jacob Renken, EP-J

Cody McMahon, WC

Jared Ries, WC

Weight Class 16

Mason Eide, Yankton

John Welter, Yankton

Chris Grace, WC

Weight Class 17

Jesse Lewno, Yankton

Heath Hubert, Vermillion

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