VHS wrestlers split with Lennox/BV in triangular

VHS wrestlers split with Lennox/BV in triangular by Jim Prosser "The VHS wrestling program is continuing to rebuild this year," said coach Casey O'Connor. "Numbers have improved throughout the varsity level. Effort and dedication to our youth programs is beginning to have an impact on all levels."

December 2 triangular team scores: VHS � 34; BVHS � 34. (Vermillion won using the new criteria which states dual meets cannot end in a tie).

Varsity results

103 � Allan Williamson (BV) wb forfeit.

112 � Casey Carlson (V) wb forfeit.

119 � Kyle Hubert (V) won 4-3 dec Chris Strand.

125 � Mike Lere (BV) won 19-8 major dec Craig Powell.

130 � Mike Clausen (BV) won 6-5 dec J.J. LaMie.

135 � Luke Heine (V) wb forfeit.

140 � Raliegh Tiahrt (V) won 8-0 major dec Shawn Kuhnert.

145 � Nick Langner (BV) won 5-4 dec Tony Hanson.

152 � Andy Hayner (V) won by fall 3:51 Scott Filler.

160 � Eric Fraker (BV) forfeit.

171 � Paul Ode (BV) forfeit.

189 � Jordan Anderson (V) forfeit.

215 � Josh Smock (V) won 5-2 dec Jesse Tvedt

HWT � Todd Kutter (BV) won by fall 1:44 Harrison Hawley.

JV results

145 � Eric Mcpherson (V) won by fall 3:19 Nick Meyer.

Lennox match team scores: VHS � 21; LHS � 59.

Varsity results

103 � Josh Jorgenson (L) forfeit.

112 � Casey Carlson won by fall 2:41 Sam Winter.

119 � Kyle Hubert wb forfeit.

125 � Craig Powell won 9-2 dec Cody Voelker.

130 � John Atkins (L) won by fall 2:38 J.J. LaMie.

135 � Kyle Brewer (L) won by fall 3:28 Luke Heine.

140 � Matt Kleinschmidt (L) won by fall 3:44 Raleigh Tiahrt.

145 � Drew Longman (L) won tech fall 25 � 10 Tony Hanson.

152 � Andy Hayner won by fall 1:18 Ryan Staton.

160 � Kirk Broderson (L) forfeit.

171 � Sam Hanson (L) forfeit.

189 � Colt Mayfield (L) won by fall 1:45 Jordan Anderson.

215 � Dustin Thoms (L) forfeit.

HWT � Tom Welch (L) won by fall 0:33 Harrison Hawley.

JV results

125 � Andrew Eidem (V) won 9-4 dec Travis Maholovich.

152 � Eric McPherson (V) won 12 � 8 dec Cody Lynde.

189 � Dylan Fischer (L) won 5-2 dec Josh Smock.


Tony Huber (V) won by fall 2:17 Jesse Maeyert.

Andrew Eidem (V) won by fall 2:36 Mike Bridgford.

Justin Fosj (L) won 8-2 dec Josh Smock.

J.R. Moore (V) won by fall 3:19 Jesse Maeyert.

Ryan O'Connor won tech fall 15-0 Derek Fischer.

"I was extremely pleased with the teams's performance in the Lennox Triangular," O'Connor said. "We have several young wrestlers this year, filling varsity positions to help ot the team.We knew we would be giving up 18 to 24 points due to open weight classes.

"Our squad understands the challenge they face to win duals and they met that challenge on Tuesday," he continued. "Raliegh Tiahrt, at 140 pounds, tied the BV score in the final match of the dual. The winning criteria came from the seventh of 14 items in the list.We had more near fall points overall to make us the winner. This was a great way to begin the season!

"The dual with Lennox didn't surprise me," he added. "We did wrestle well, but made some mistakes which Lennox capitalized on. As the season progresses and our roster becomes more finalized, I feel we can eliminate the mistakes and remain competitive."

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