Wakonda students participate in oral interp meet

Wakonda students participate in oral interp meet by Nicole Mosberger Wakonda High School oral interp students Andy Jensen, Patrick Morrison, Courtney Nelson, and Adrienne Logue recently went to The University of South Dakota to perform their oral interp pieces.

Morrison performed a collection of poems by William C. Bryant and a dramatic piece A Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. Jensen's performed a humorous piece called Piggy Pie. Adrienne Logue and Courtney Nelson offered a duet called Who's on First by Abbot andCostello.

At The University of South Dakota, there were nine surrounding schools in the district, including Wakonda High School.

None of the area schools went on in their competitions. Jensen and Morrison attended Mount Marty College for another competition for those who didn't go on at the University of South Dakota competition. Jensen performed Piggy Pie and Morrison performed A Selfish Giant. Jensen brought home a second place trophy.

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