Wakonda students perform ‘Twas One Crazy Night Before Christmas

Wakonda students perform 'Twas One Crazy Night Before Christmas by Lindsay Nelson As we get closer and closer to Christmas we all can admit that each night gets a little crazier, with wrapping presents, baking cookies and getting ready to host families.

The Wakonda Elementary students said it all when they performed 'Twas One Crazy Night Before Christmas.

The concert took place on Monday, Dec. 8 with Wakonda's very own elementary students dressed up as hillbillies, Santa Clauses, and even Martha Stewart.

The concert started with a small ensemble of the children singing The Night Before Christmas. Soloists for this particular ensemble were Stacie Taggart, Breanna Hennings, Taylor Lyso, Jessica Johnson, and Kristen Rinehart.

The next song, Christmas Time Is Coming, was performed by all of the kindergarten through sixth grade students. Cody Geuther, Lauren Sokolowski, and Greg Peterson each added their own solo.

After Christmas Time Is Coming was sung, all of the dads and uncles of the performance took root in front of the TV. This gave the girls a time to cook and do their own Christmas time chores, and wouldn't you know they got talking about Martha Stewart!

The next song performed was called, Love That Martha Stewart with Samantha Smith, Jordan Jorgensen and Josie Huber as soloists. Smith did her best impression of Martha Stewart throughout the song.

Then came in the Santa Claus imposters, Michael Peterson, Dylan Halvorson, and Austin Westerguard. The elementary sang Will the Real Santa Claus Stand Up.

It was then time for the family of the performance to open gifts and wouldn't you know all they got was slippers again as they sang Slippers Again For Christmas.

The mother of the play, Lauren Mews, turned out to be a football fanatic and was constantly running pass plays in the kitchen while the kids sang Touchdown in the Kitchen.

To top off the night, Mariah Larson had a solo in Something to Believe In then they sang Christmas Time Is Coming once again to end the show.

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