Wakonda students write letters to Santa

Wakonda students write letters to Santa These letters to Santa, written by Wakonda's kindergarten class, were compiled by the students' teacher, June Holoch.

Dear Santa,

I want a transformer and a PlayStation II game.

Thank you, Dana C.

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a great day at the North Pole.

Love, Tiffany D.

Dear Santa,

I would like an elephant toy and a rocket ship.

Thank you, Cole E.

Dear Santa,

I'm sending a letter to you and I hope you bring all the coupon stuff that's in there. I want Barbie of Swan for this Christmas.

Thank you, Kailey G.

Dear Santa,

I would give you a picture with you on top of it. I like my presents you give me. I will draw you a flower.

Love, Alicia G.

Dear Santa,

Can I have something for Christmas, like three guitars and G. I. Joe guys? Can I have another jet pack? How old are the polar bears?

Thank you, Ethan G.

Dear Santa,

I would like a Bratz head and an Oliver and Company movie. How is Rudolph?

Love, Shelby J.

Dear Santa,

I would like a Barbie Car with a Barbie and a boy and a girl in it. I really want a skateboard and a new hula hoop. Thank you Santa. Please send the stuff I want.

Thank you, Megan L.

Dear Santa,

Can I have a Snow Bratz? Do you have Rudolph at the North Pole?

Love, Kyleigh M.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a dirt bike and a magic saw. I want a hundred million dollars. How do you pull all the kids toys with the reindeer?

Love, Justice M.

Dear Santa,

I want a lot of Spiderman toys and I want 100 Power Rangers. I love you Santa. Love, Coddie N.

Dear Santa,

I do care about you and please give me a whole bunch of presents. Please can I have a toy horse. Please give my brother some cows and horses.

Love, Autumn R.

Dear Santa,

I love you very much. I wish you were here a long time, so I could sit on your lap. I wish you'd bring me a great present. I think you can get me an ice cream maker.

Love Andrea S.

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