A switch to the basketball/volleyball season switch

A switch to the basketball/volleyball season switch by Lindsay Nelson High school girls' basketball started this year on Nov. 24 and high school boys' basketball started on Dec. 1.

Up until two years ago there were only boys' teams on the court shooting the orange ball when the ground was white outside. Now fans are able to go to their local school and watch basketball games up to four or five nights a week. This is because of the season switch, in which high school girls' volleyball and high school girls' basketball seasons were switched.

The season switch has been in effect for two years now and schools are growing accustomed to the change, but my question is, why should the girls start their season a week before the guys start theirs?

My reason for asking this question is based on many facts such as high school football begins the same day as high school volleyball does, but ends almost a complete month earlier. High school football teams have their last regular season game on Oct. 25 and after that the top teams move on to playoffs. State football championships are hosted at the DakotaDome and were held on Nov. 14 and 15 this year with only 10 teams making it that far. State volleyball championships were held on Nov. 20, 21, and 22 which is longer than the football season and makes the volleyball season end only two days before the

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girls' basketball season starts.

The girls that don't make it to the state volleyball tournament still have a shorter break than most football teams and still must start their basketball season before the boys do.

In some case this gets really tough on schools and coaches. The Beresford Watchdogs have gone to the state volleyball tournament for the past two years and have barely had a day of break due to travel time and "welcome home parties" before their basketball season. You may think they should get their first day of basketball practice off but that is a dangerous situation too. In most cases teams has less than 12 days of practice before their first game. If you take off the first day because of volleyball, then you are down to a slim number of practice days not including if the weather turns bad.

Also every year the girls must deal with two holiday breaks, Thanksgiving and Christmas, whereas the guys' season only conflicts with Christmas. The girls' team gets barely a week in of practice then has to take a break only to come back for a couple weeks before taking another one. Considering being in the state volleyball tournament, snow days and Thanksgiving break, some girls' teams could be at the short end of the stick for practices before their first game.

I don't believe this problem has been caused necessarily by the season switch itself but by how it was set up. Maybe having the boys' season go first could be taken into consideration instead of the girls' team having to be prepared for a new sports season in some cases having only quit their volleyball season the day before. I think it would help most girls' teams get off to a fresher start or at least be able to take their kneepads off.

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