Baltic squeaks by Wakonda

Baltic squeaks by Wakonda by Bethany Parvin The Warriorettes kept the score close, even had the lead a few times, but in the last few attempts to get the ball back, the Warriorettes fouled. Baltic made those free throws ending the game 44-57 in favor of Baltic

The first quarter started out slow. Baltic would make a basket, and then Wakonda would. It was back and forth throughout the quarter, ending 12-16 Baltic in the lead.

The second quarter was again back in forth on the score board. We out-scored them by adding 10 points, while we held them to 6. This led to a tie, ending the half 22-22.

The second half went well for Baltic. We scored 13 more points to their 17. Baltic was in control of the lead by 4 points. The quarter ended 35-39.

The fourth quarter we caught back up. But Baltic took back the game by free-throws.

The top scorers for Wakonda were Nikki Johnston and Kim Henriksen both with 14 points. Lindsey Nelson added 10 points, and Chelsea Bolhmann added 6 to the score board.

Henriksen was able to pull down 12 rebounds. Ashley Anderson and Johnston both grabbed five. Bolhmann's four, Nelson's, three and Jessica Peterson's one, all added to the rebounding chart.

Wakonda's junior varsity also played.

The final score was 30-44, Baltic keep the win at home.

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