Fifth- and sixth-grade basketball report

Fifth- and sixth-grade basketball report Iowa Hawkeyes (1-0) vs. Connecticut Huskies (0-1)

Iowa beat Connecticut 30-12. Aaron Steele was the leading scorer for Iowa with 11, and Jerod Cerretti added 6. For the Huskies, Tim Tigert had 8, and Wes McBride had 4.

Arizona Wildcats (0-1) vs. North Carolina Tarheels (1-0)

North Carolina beat the Wildcats 33-21. Michael Walker led the Wildcats with 5, and Marcus Sand, Jason Rassmusen, and Robert Osterberg all had 4. For the Tarheels, Jordan Robinson scored 15, and Nick Anglin contributed with 10.

Oklahoma Sooner (0-1) vs. Kentucky Wildcats (0-1)

The Sooners beat the Wildcats in a close game 30-24. for the Sooners, Garret Smith-Keller had a outstanding game with scoring 19 points, and Steven Deal added 4. The Wildcats were led by Jonathan Preszler with 9, and Cole Andre with 6. Jan. 24 Match-ups: North Carolina vs. Kentucky at 10 a.m.; Oklahoma vs. Connecticut at 11 a.m.; and Iowa vs. Arizona at noon.

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