Goodbye, Mrs. Stone

Goodbye, Mrs. Stone A student says goodbye to Linda Stone following an assembly held in her honor Jan. 9 at Austin Elementary School. Watching is Mrs. Stone's husband, Jim, and her grandson, Brennan. by David Lias Students at Austin Elementary School said goodbye to a living institution at the building.

Linda Stone's last day on the job was Friday, Jan. 9. Her stretch of employment at the school fell short of three decades by just one year.

She spent her first three years at Austin working as a teachers' aide. For the last 26 years, she's manned the school's office as secretary.

Mrs. Stone has witnessed the passing of several generations through the school's hallways. Many of the parents of students who said goodbye to her at an assembly Friday afternoon were once pupils at the school themselves.

Miss Vik's Reading Round Up Class summed up their feelings for the retiring secretary in a couplet they read at the assembly:

Mrs. Stone you are cool.

I like it when you're

at school.

If a student ever gave a yelp,

Mrs. Stone gave her help.

Thank you so much

Mrs. Stone.

Thank you for answering

the phone.

Mrs. Stone you are retired.

Good thing you're not fired.

Mrs. Stone sat on a throne.

And called parents

on the phone.

You're so cool.

And as a secretary you rule.

Mrs. Stone worked the intercom.

She also talked to our mom.

You did help a friend.

I hope this isn't the end.

You were a good secretary.

Now you can have fun picking a strawberry.

Mrs. Stone I'll miss you a bunch.

Come back and visit us at lunch.

Now you are retired.

It was like yesterday you were just hired.

While thinking of your past.

Think of your job that was the last.

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