Historical tax moratoriums approved

Historical tax moratoriums approved The South Dakota State Historical Society board of trustees recently approved applications for the eight-year State Historic Preservation Property Tax Moratorium for restoration and rehabilitation made to historic sites.

"These approvals are significant because if an historic building qualifies for the tax benefit, an eight-year delay is placed on the property tax assessment of any certified improvements," said Jay D. Vogt, director of the State Historical Society. "Property tax assessments may not be increased due to certified rehabilitation of the building."

The program is managed by the society's Historic Preservation Office. For more information about the State Historic Preservation Property Tax Moratorium, contact the State Historical Society at (605) 773-6005. The State Historical Society is an office of the Department of Tourism and State Development.

Sites approved for the tax moratorium in the area include:

Centerville � Gunderson House, 1041 Washington.

Gayville � Andre House, 31256 452nd Ave.

Vermillion � Old Thompson Lumber Co. Building, 15 Court St.; Walker House, 215 Forest Ave.; 6 W. Main; 225 N. University and 217 N. University.

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