Is Wakonda safe? Bank robbery brings question to mind

Is Wakonda safe? Bank robbery brings question to mind by Nicole Mosberger Is Wakonda safe?

For many years now, Wakonda has been a little, quiet community in which people help out and work together with one another. People would never second guess their safety.

Recently, on Jan. 6, the bank in Wakonda was robbed for the first time known. The robber even took off with the bank manager's maroon Chevy truck as a get away vehicle. The truck was later found west of town. No one was hurt during the robbery, thank goodness.

People before this awful event would have never second guessed their safety nor would they have ever thought that something like this would happen. This has gotten the whole town shaken up.

This is going to make more people aware of people they don't know coming into town. It's also going to make other people alert of what's going on around them.

More people say that this confrontation has changed them and their lives. More people are starting to lock their house during the day and at night; also they are starting to take their keys out of their cars.

There are questions that are going through people's minds: What are we going to do about the robbery? How much money was taken? How has it changed the town? What security changes are going to be made? There are so many questions, yet the answers are left unknown, for right now.

Small town crime is definitely going up. Small towns like Wakonda are a bigger target than other big cities. The criminals think they can get away with more in small towns because there are fewer people and it is a small community and it is easier to get away with crimes. In a little, quiet community people think it could never happen. That tells it all. Where people think it would be the least place to happen, it will.

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