Letters Melbys have the 'guts' to speak out

To the editor:

RE: Your�"Cry Baby" editorial of Dec. 19.

You and Mark Dahl appear to march together down the path of "Demonize the Melbys."� Yet neither of you commented intelligently on what they said.

They asked questions that we all should have asked from the beginning of this rubber stamped business transaction.

Where were you when Mayor Kozak and the council tried to force feed the voters to spend $2,200,000 for a city hall?

Subsequent talks by Mayor Kozak televised for three days prior to the vote, plus your editorial approval failed to sway the people "who voted." Your strenuous objection to the percentage of voter participation and the Mayor's comments show a complete misunderstanding of the voters' opinion of buying and renovating� Community First. If the vote had been reversed would you have objected?�I doubt it.

Mayor Kozak's pleas for public input is a fantasy. Very few will go to these meetings as evidenced by the voters who attended the televised talk by the mayor on Nov. 13.�His explanatory talk was followed by "questions and answers" by those in attendance which were approximately� a dozen.�The "questions and answers" were never shown in subsequent television reruns due to "inadequate audio" per Mr. Patrick.�I have a copy of the televised tape.�It took three weeks and two telephone calls to Mr. Patrick to get a copy of the tape on Dec. 10, and then I learned he had a copy on Nov. 17.�If you want to see and hear it � give me a call.

The purchase of Community First is�apparently a vendetta with the Mayor since he insists on revisiting it.�You can laugh and criticize the Melbys, but they have the "guts" to speak out, which a lot of people who don't like this deal don't have.

Van Pierce


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