More downtown streetscape planning set

More downtown streetscape planning set This drawing, created by TSP/Brian Clark & Associates of Sioux Falls, represents just one idea of a proposed streetscape plan for downtown Vermillion. The plan includes a host of elements, including trees, pedestrian lights, a gateway arch at the intersection of Main and Dakota streets, and even small sculpture and pavilion elements at the corner of Market and Main streets. Unique hardscape surfacing on Main Street from Dakota Street west to the Clay County Courthouse in this plan makes downtown unique, and strips of the same surfacing on Dakota Street helps people on Cherry Street and the USD campus area find their way to Vermillion's downtown. (Graphic courtesy of TSP) by David Lias Decisions, decisions.

That's what awaits Vermillion citizens interested in the future development of the city downtown business district.

TSP/Brian Clark & Associates, the consultants from Sioux Falls who held a barnstorming marathon of public input meetings last November, have taken the information they gleaned from citizens and transformed it into at least three different conceptual plans for the downtown area.

The next step occurs Thursday, Jan. 29, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Washington Street Arts Center.

The public is invited to view the work the consultants have accomplished so far at what's being dubbed "a conceptual open house."

"The firm will present the concepts they've developed based on the feedback they received (in November)," said Lisa Ketcham, executive director of the Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company.

It will be up to the public � the stakeholders in the future development of this part of the city � to decide on a design.

It may not be an easy task. Each concept developed by the consultants has its own unique appeal.

There is also a common theme running through each plan. In their primary analysis, the consultants have identified the stretch of Main Street between Market and Center streets as a primary area of interest that should receive full treatment.

That "full treatment" includes special hardscape, landscaping, pedestrian lights, special elements, expansion of nodes and signage.

The analysis identifies some portions of Main Street as secondary areas that should receive partial treatment and limited hardscape, landscaping and lighting.

Portions of High, Market, Court, Center and Dakota streets that abut Main Street have been identified as minor areas that should receive reduced treatment, large scale lighting, limited tree planting and limited signage.

Austin, Prospect and Elm are defined as boundary streets which also should receive limited treatment, large scale lighting and limited signage.

The plan notes two open space opportunities at the corner of Main and Market and south of the VFW building.

The empty lot at the corner of Kidder and Market streets is identified as a place to possibly build a parking lot.

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