Police department seeks input with city surveys

Police department seeks input with city surveys Effective Jan. 1, the Vermillion Police Department initiated a new program actively soliciting input from citizens regarding the customer service the community is receiving from the department.

Citizens receiving the surveys are being randomly selected from individuals who have had contact with the department.

The selected citizens include people who have reported a crime, witnessed an incident, been involved in a traffic accident, received a ticket, been arrested for a crime or have been in any other incident involving contact with the department.

The specific areas being rated include the dispatcher's performance, response time, professionalism of the officer, any follow up investigation, whether the citizen's expectations were met and overall rating of the department. There is space for any other comments.

The department is asking citizens completing the form to be candid while being objective. Unless the citizen elects to include their name, the form is designed to ensure the identity of the responder remains anonymous.

According to Police Chief Art Mabry, the purpose of the form is to help measure the department's performance as compared to the community's expectations.

"Typically it's the most vocal citizens with personal agendas who often create perceptions of a department. This survey is designed to provide input from a balanced segment of the community which provides a more realistic perception," Mabry said.

Chief Mabry will review all the responses and will take corrective action if a pattern develops indicating dissatisfaction with the department in a particular area.

If the ratings are satisfactory or above in an area the Vermillion Police Department will strive to maintain the rating.

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