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Pulpit Reflections by Stewart Lozensky Who can forget the images that are imprinted in our minds of the disheveled, scraggily bearded, former dictator of Iraq? He was found in what was called "a spider hole." Saddam surrendered without firing a shot. A leader who had told his people to "fight to the death" yet he himself did not fight. This was not what his people expected. They expected their leader to fight and yet in the minds of many he was caught in the act of cowardice.

As Christians we look forward to the soon coming of our Savior. In the gospel of Mathew, chapter 24, we find Jesus trying to prepare his people for the upcoming destruction of the temple by the Romans and the end of the world. He tells us in verse 7 about the wars, famines, pestilence's and earthquakes that will occur near the end of time.

Sounds like our news headlines today, doesn't it? We are in a war, SARS disease just resurfaced in China, we have AIDS, mad cow, and recently an earthquake that killed over 30,000 people.

The last parable of the chapter deals with a servant who is left in charge of his master's household. The servant is to do his master's will and when his master comes back unexpectedly the servant will be caught in the act of obedience or disobedience. This exact scenario will be played out very soon. We will all be caught in the act. Either we are determined to be faithful to our Lord or we will be faithful to our own desires and passions. Friends, either Jesus is Lord of our lives or we are.

Another image from the war in Iraq is the picture of Jessica Lynch being rescued. She tells how she was preparing herself for the worst. When she heard those helicopters she didn't know whose helicopters those were. It wasn't until the soldiers came through the door and she saw the uniforms that Jessica knew she was being rescued. One of the soldiers reached up to the flag that was sewn on to his uniform, tore it free, and put it in her hand. She held on to the flag and also to the soldiers hand not wanting to be left behind.

Our savior Jesus is soon to make the greatest rescue ever. He will free us from this sin-sick world and take us home to heaven with Him. How badly do you want to be rescued? Be assured, Jesus will come and when he does we will all be caught in the act. We will either be caught in disobedience and sin or caught as good and faithful servants. The choice is ours. In Him is all the strength and the victory you need. Are you holding on to His hand?

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