Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Nicole Mosberger "Follow your heart, in the end it will never let you down."

Lindsay Lynn Nelson is the daughter of Ron and Cindy Nelson. She also has a brother, Heath, who is 28 and is attending college at USD.

Lindsay has lived in the small town of Wakonda all her life. She has attended school at Wakonda since kindergarten. After Lindsay graduates, her friendly smile will be missed by all.

Now that she is a young adult, she is getting ready to head off to college. She is going to attend SDSU for nursing. Lindsay says what she is going to miss most about high school is basketball and being with her friends.

Lindsay's favorite nickname is "Smalls, thanks to her boyfriend, Brandon." She said her most memorable moment was winning the girls' basketball districts during her junior year, with all the fans dressed up and cheering.

She said her favorite teacher memory was Mr. Quinn back in seventh grade.

"He made class fun from spraying water at us to Boxman!"

She also said her first crush at Wakonda School was Justin Hackett.

Lindsay said if there was anything to leave to an underclassman after she graduates, it would be to Dannie. She said she would give Dannie her ability to keep the drummers in line and slack off while the freshman drummers do all the work!

Lindsay has been involved in basketball, volleyball, chorus, band, and Teens in Action, for all four years; Peer Helpers, all school play, and cheer leading for two years each.

She said the most inspirational people in her life are her parents.

"They have always been there for me and have always helped me to strive for that next step. And whether I reached it or not they still stood behind me."

When she was asked what she would change about her high school experience if she did it over again, she said, "I wouldn't change much because high school was pretty great! If I did it again, I would definitely take some more sick days!

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