St. Agnes prayer group honored

St. Agnes prayer group honored The Modern Woodmen of America Insurance Company had a recognition dinner at the Silver Dollar to honor the St. Agnes Prayer Group.

District representative Cathy Lynch, Lucille O'Connor, Jerri Preston, Joanne Schroeder, Louvella Matson, Veronica Fredrickson and Carolyn Loecker go to the local nursing home every week to bring Holy Communion, sing hymns, say the rosary and special prayers.

We always listen and visit with the residents. Father Imming says Mass once a month and always brings a class from St. Agnes School with him. These children bring back many happy memories.

Lucille and Joanne have been making these Wednesday visits for over 20 years. Jerri leads the rosary on Saturdays of each week.

We always close our prayers with Just For Fun.

Do you know why the stars shine so bright at night? God has his lights on so we'll know he's home.

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