Students to present play, Naomi in the Living Room

Students to present play, Naomi in the Living Room by Nicole Mosberger Naomi in the Living Room, a play written by Christopher Durang, will be shown to the public Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. at Wakonda School.

The play begins when Naomi is visited by John and Johanna, her son and daughter in law. Naomi is alternately welcoming and offensive. Johanna deals with it the best she can, but when John changes his attire to appear like Johanna, things start to untangle. Naomi barely notices the difference, but kicks them both out of the house, and then she decides she's had a nice time!

The comedy showcases four students' talents. Jeanie Stockland plays Naomi. Andy Jensen is Naomi's husband. Patrick Morrison is John and Emily Logue plays Johanna.

The play is directed by Sarah Leober, a theater arts major at The University of South Dakota.

The cast will leave for Sioux Falls to try their luck at the One Act Play contest the following day, Jan. 29.

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