Suspect implicated in local burglaries

Suspect implicated in local burglaries By From the Yankton P&D After months of investigating a string of thefts and burglaries in the area, the Yankton County Sheriff's office believes it has solved six separate cases allegedly involving a Yankton man.

Wesley Dee Brinkerhoff, 53, of rural Yankton County, was apprehended last month after the sheriff's department discovered stolen property. He is currently being held on three separate bonds totaling $25,200.

The Vermillion Police Department is also investigating seven more cases involving the same suspect.

Yankton County Sheriff Dave Hunhoff said the cases are dated from July through November, and the amount of the stolen property is so great that the department has not been able to put a dollar amount on all of it.

"As of right now, we have cleared these cases pending charges by the state's attorney," Hunhoff said.

Hunhoff said the bulk of the thefts and burglaries took place in storage sheds across Yankton County and the Vermillion area, and primarily include numerous tools and household equipment.

According to the sheriff, the cases in question include:

* a July 16 break-in at Utica Grain where several tools were stolen.

* on July 23, Hinchliffe Boats reported a theft of fishing equipment.

* on Aug. 26, a rural resident in Yankton County reported a burglary of a storage shed.

* on Oct. 3, Vermillion reported seven storage shed burglaries prior to that date.

* on Oct. 5, a rural resident reported a storage shed burglary.

* on Oct. 30, a gas grill was reported missing from a porch on the east side of Yankton.

* on Nov. 16, Marv's Bar had lottery machines broken into and a large amount of cash was taken.

Hunhoff said the Oct. 5 report was the incident which led authorities to Brinkerhoff.

Details of how the department located the stolen goods were not released for security reasons.

"There are at least 100 artifacts in our possession," Hunhoff said.

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