Third graders make new year’s resolutions

Third graders make new year's resolutions By compiled by Bethany Parvin "I want to read the fifth Harry Potter book."

"My goals are to do a good job on the test at the end of the year and I'll try to be good for Santa Claus."


"For a new year's resolution I promise to not eat candy at my mom's house and not have a fight at my dad's house."

"This year, my new year's resolution is not to judge people so much. I also want to get good grades throughout the year."


"My new year's resolution is to learn new yo-yo tricks because I like yo-yoing and want to get better at it."


"For my new Year's resolution I want to accomplish to get good grades in school and get good grades on my tests."


"My resolution is to get better in social studies."

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