USD seniors teach seniors computer skills

USD seniors teach seniors computer skills Students at The University of South Dakota are helping area seniors get connected. Several graduate students in the School of Education at US have partnered with the Vermillion Senior Center to teach computer skills to the seniors while gaining valuable teaching experience.

The goal of the partnership is to connect seniors with the world at large through an understanding and application of computer technology while providing valuable experience for students. As part of the project, the Vermillion Senior Center received three computers with a high-speed cable-modem connection which were set up by the students.

The partnership originated from two students who were discussing ways they could use technology to make a difference in the community, said Professor Larry Tentinger, director of the program.

"Since the seniors had no computers, it's a great benefit to them," Tentinger said, "and our grad students get opportunities to work one on one in problem-solving situations that furthers their education."

The students involved in the program are in the Division of Technology for Training & Development at USD and its research and program development unit

InTEC (Interactive Technology for Education and Corporations). Graduates of this program emerge as leaders in the integration of technology in education and commerce; several of whom have gone on to serve as technology coordinators in area schools or in technology instruction in the corporate world.

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