USD swimming, diving teams have good performance

USD swimming, diving teams have good performance The University of South Dakota men's and women's swimming and diving team recorded nine first-place finishes in putting together numerous great performances at the University of North Dakota Swimming and Diving Invitational on Saturday.

Audrey Donley, a junior student from Arvada, CO, had an outstanding meet, capturing titles in the 500 free (5:17.51) and 1,000 free (10:54.67) and also competing on two second place relays (200 free, 1:41.02; 400 free, 3:43.81).�In addition, Lindsey Schafer, a team captain from Mandan, ND, had two first place finishes in diving, winning the 1-M board with 232.90 points and the 3-M board with 254.20 points.

On the men's side, USD's 400 free relay had a strong performance, finishing first in 3:10.14. The squad included Alex Smith of Houston, TX; John Murman of Lincoln, NE; Mark Bryant of Omaha, NE; and Bram Olson of Hutchinson, MN. Tim Byers (Billings, MT), won the 200 back (1:57.43) while Olson won the 100 fly (51.78). Dan Gay (Fairbury, NE)�had a title in the 1-M board, compiling 222.70 points.

Women's Breakdown

(top five individual finishes, top two placings in relays)

200 free relay: South Dakota, second, 1:41.02. Team included Kari Kopecky (Roosevelt, MN), Audrey Donley (Arvada, CO), Abby Heinz (Sgt. Bluffs, IA) and Karen Burke (Carson City, NV).

400 medley relay: South Dakota, second, 4:12.80. Team included Theresa Eustice (Waseca, MN), Jill Stensby (Portland, OR), Brae Olson (Hutchinson, MN) and Kopecky.

200 medley relay: South Dakota, second, 1:52.63. Team included Abby Heinz (Sgt. Bluff, IA), Stensby, Olson and Kopecky.

400 free relay: South Dakota, second, 3:43.81. Team included Kopecky, Donley, Heinz and Burke.

50 free: Kopecky, fourth, 25.40; Donley, fifth, 25.48

100 free: Burke, second, 56.30; Kopecky, third, 56.35

500 free: Donley, first, 5:17.51; Liebmann, third, 5:24.76; Jessica Tietz (Williston, ND), 4th, 5:24.97.

1000 free: Donley, first, 10:54.67; Tietz, second, 10:59.48; Liebmann, fourth, 11:12.85.

100 fly: Olson, fifth, 1:03.29

200 fly: Olson, second, 2:16.27; Audrey Donley, fourth, 2:22.16; Jessica Tietz, fifth, 2:34.65

200 free: Heinz, third, 1:59.95

200 IM: Heinz, first, 2:12.54

100 breast: Stensby, second, 1:09.38; Karen Burke, fifth, 1:14.68

200 breast: Stensby, second, 2:32.23

3-M Diving: Lindsey Schafer (Mandan, ND), first, 254.20 points

1-M Diving: Schafer, first, 232.90 points

Men's Breakdown

(top five individual finishes, top two placings in relays)

200 free relay: South Dakota, second, 1:24.96. The team included Alex Smith (Houston, TX), Tyler Scheer (Lincoln, NE), Ryan Malone (Lincoln, NE) and Bram Olson (Hutchinson, MN).

400 medley relay: South Dakota, second, 3:36.96. Team included Tim Byers (Billings, MT), Michael Damonte (Reno, NV), Garth Meacham (West Des Moines, IA) and Mark Bryant (Omaha, NE).

200 medley relay: South Dakota second, 1:35.77. Byers, Dirk Craft (Palmer, AK), Scheer, and John Murman (Lincoln, NE).

400 free relay: South Dakota, first, 3:10.14. The team included Alex Smith, Murman, Bryant and Olson.

500 free: Chuck Scribner (Hastings, NE), 3rd, 4:52.53; Scott Krivohlavek (Norfolk, NE), 4th, 4:54.69

50 free: Olson, second, 21.67

100 free: Olson, second, 47.56; John Murman, third, 47.59; Dirk Craft, fourth, 48.49

100 back: Byers, third, 54.45

1000 free: Bryant, third, 10:12.72; Robert Hastings, fourth, 10:12.90; and Adrian Smith, fifth, 10:18.89

200 back: Byers, first, 1:57.43; Robert Hastings, third, 2:01.11

100 fly: Olson, first, 51:78; Garth Meacham, fifth, 53.62

200 free: Murman, fourth, 1:48.71

200 IM: Damonte, fourth, 1:58.50

100 breast: Craft, second, 1:00.20; Damonte, third, 1:00.91; Murman, fourth, 1:01.66; Jason Burke (Bellevue, NE), fifth, 1:02.37

200 fly: Meacham, third, 1:58.98; Scribner, fourth, 2:03.75; Scheer, fifth, 2:07.43

200 breast: Damonte, second, 2:13.69; PJ Sorensen (Lincoln, NE), third, 2:15.86; Burke, fourth, 2:16.09; and Craft, 5th, 2:17.62

400 IM: Scribner, third, 4:21.36; Kyle Anderson (Portland, OR), fourth, 4:23.11

1-M Diving: Dan Gay (Fairbury, NE), first, 248.60 points; Mark Anderson, fourth, 222.70 points

3-M Diving: Gay, second, 272.15 points; Cole Moir (Cody, WY), fifth, 229.40 points.

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