Wakonda Community Club gets gift from high school seniors

Wakonda Community Club gets gift from high school seniors The Wakonda Community Club, holding its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 7, was the recipient of a very generous gift from the Wakonda High School senior class.

The class was in a pop can contest with a similar class from Irene. In a very generous gesture and as proof of their interest in community service, the students donated the proceeds to the community club.� Nikki Johnston and Nick Skonhovd, class representatives, were on hand to present the gift of just under $100.� Club members expressed their great appreciation not only for the gift but also for their community volunteer service.

Johnston and Skonhovd each spent a few moments giving information about their representative schedules and the girls' and boys' basketball teams.

The Christmas lighting contest winners were announced, and everyone who participated in the decorating was thanked for their efforts in helping to make our community well seasonally decorated.

The new "Welcome Packet" which contains community information was exhibited. Charmaine Gulliksen received a round of applause for her efforts in developing the book.

Heritage Manor reported on "theme week" being held during the month of January at the Manor and Sheryl Smith, Manor administrator, also thanked everyone for their support and efforts at holiday time.

There was some discussion relative to the bank robbery.� Some concern was expressed for adequate information to the school and the nursing home as both facilities went into a "lock down" mode upon being informed of the incident.

A major effort of the club at this time is the 2004 membership drive. At the Jan. 7 meeting, the membership is approaching the halfway mark in anticipated membership.� The membership committee encourages you to stop in at the bank if you have not already paid your dues.

Please help support our community and school by being a member of the Wakonda Community Club.

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