Wanted: Used computers

Wanted: Used computers by David Lias The Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) at The University of South Dakota hope you got plenty of new computer equipment for Christmas.

In this day and age when everyone strives to have the latest technology, SIFE is seeking older computer gear that is gathering dust in local households.

"What we are looking for are old computers," said Nikhil Bhat, a senior economic major at USD and SIFE member. "The slower computers are perfectly fine."

The older, but still working technology will be collected by SIFE and will be donated to 600 public schools in Ethiopia.

"We're getting a lot of arrangements done beforehand," said Jen Haas, a SIFE member and senior business and marketing major at USD.

USD is joining forces with La Sierra University and Union College, two California schools, to gather and ship the old computers to Africa.

"Our goal is for all three schools combined to gather

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6,000 computers," Haas said.

"One of our challenges is we need to get the computers to California," said Mea Danderand, a senior business and marketing major at USD and SIFE member. "So we are also looking for donations to cover shipping costs."

The USD organization heard about this computer donation program last fall, and members have been working through their Christmas break to gather older computers replaced by newer models over the holidays. PCs with Pentium II processors or better are preferred, along with monitors, mouses and keyboards.

SIFE willl set up drop off points at the parking lots of the Western Mall in Sioux Falls and the Southern Hills Mall in

in Sioux City on Jan. 17 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

They will also collect computers at locations in Vermillion and Yankton.

"We hope to get the computers to California this month," Haas said. "They will be shipped from La Sierra to Ethiopia sometime in March."

People interested in donating their old computer equipment may phone Haas at (605) 941-2981 or e-mail her at jhaas@usd.edu.

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