Wilch awarded third regional Silver Gloves boxing title

Wilch awarded third regional Silver Gloves boxing title Waha-Canka Wilch (pronounced waha-chonka), 15, has again advanced to the National Silver Gloves Championship competition for under 16 year-olds at Olathe, KS, slated for Feb. 7.

Wilch achieved his 147 lb. (welter weight) regional crown at this year's Region 4 competition held at Rochester, MN. Region 4 includes South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin). Although Wilch won by walkover, he chose to fight in the open class of 16 years-plus.

Challenging him was Dwayne Stewart who weighed in that morning at 160 lbs. (middle weight). Stewart was a former National Silver Gloves Champion who also showed up in great shape and was nearly one year older than Wilch.

At the beginning of the match Stewart went right at Wilch, landing a quick jab, halfway through the first round. Wilch advanced and instead of going to the head, he looped a right hand to his opponent's body that made him cover up.

Wilch then rotated a left hook up to the head, nearly putting down the more experienced former champion.

The second round was close. Stewart knew he had to win the third round or he wouldn't have a chance of winning. He swarmed Wilch at the beginning of the round but it did not work. Wilch had an answer for every tactic his opponent tried.

Wilch slipped the early barrage and fired back with several right hands that usually stemmed from the jab, finishing with the left hook. Wilch was awarded the win in Stewart's home state and was very gracious in light of the tough test.

Wilch wants to let his fan base know he will continue to work harder than ever before for the upcoming National Silver Gloves Tournament. He especially thanks his sponsors and supporters for their belief in him.

This will be Wilch's last year of eligibility to compete in National Silver Gloves. Over 16 year-olds compete in the Golden Gloves. He will be in the top of his bracket this year age-wise, 147 lbs, 14-15 year-old; and expects to place above former rankings. He placed seventh in the nation the last two years in a row.

Wilch thanks last year's sponsors who generously made his trip to the 2003 nationals possible: Murph's Appliance, The Varsity, Marge's Place, Massage for Health, Toby's, grandma Kitto, Aunt Cookie, and Grandpa Wilch.

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