Women urged to control heart health

Women urged to control heart health Women throughout America will "Go Red For Women" this February to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, women's No. 1 killer. The American Heart Association's campaign will invite women to take charge of their heart health, make it a top priority and live a stronger, longer life.

Friday, Feb. 6 has been designated "National Wear Red Day for Women." Red is the American Heart Association's color for women and heart disease. "We need a bold color like red to draw attention to heart disease, which is women's greatest health threat," said Lynne Struble, health initiative director for the American Heart Association. "Red symbolizes women's power to take control of their health and passion for the women whose lives have been affected." The association is encouraging everyone to wear red � such as a red dress, shirt, hat or other item � on February 6 in support of all women who have been touched by heart disease or stroke.

"Heart disease and stroke claim more women's lives each year than the next seven causes of death combined, and nearly twice as many as all forms of cancer, including breast cancer," said Struble, "We believe "Go Red For Women" will raise women's awareness of this problem."

Ninety percent of women feel they have power over their health � but only 27 percent say their health is a top priority � according to a recent American Heart Association survey. This lack of urgency about such a serious health threat contributes to the deaths of more than 500,000 American women every year.

The campaign is sponsored by Macy's, which will develop a total marketing effort including special red merchandise to benefit the American Heart Association's consumer focused educational programs and employee awareness campaigns. People can also support heart disease and stroke research education by purchasing designated products and gift items from companies such as Swarovski Crystal, Pantene, OPI Products, Walgreens and Ross Dress for Less. Part of the revenue will be donated to the American Heart Association.

"Our focus is to empower women to reduce their risk of heart disease," added Struble. "The 'Go Red For Women' campaign outlines a plan to help women take action against heart disease and make heart disease prevention a part of their life, because your heart is your life."

* A comprehensive brochure with information on heart disease and stroke risk factors and warning signs

* A bookmark with information on how women can reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke

* A wallet card with questions to ask a doctor and a chart to track blood pressure, cholesterol and weight

* An American Heart Association red dress pin to wear to show support for the women and heart disease cause. Women will also receive information about these free American Heart Association lifestyle programs:

* Choose To MoveSM, which gives women practical ways to build more physical activity into their existing routine over 12 weeks.

* Simple Solutions, which helps women incorporate simple healthy changes into their lives.

For more information of "Go Red For Women", including where to purchase products that benefit the cause, call 1-888-MY-HEART or visit http://www.americanheart.org/women.

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