Chapman candidate for council

Chapman candidate for council Jere Chapman of Vermillion announced Wednesday that he plans to run for the city council seat in the Southeast Ward currently held by Ray Hofman.

Chapman has been a resident of Vermillion and involved in the restaurant business in the city for the past 22 years. As a Vermillion businessman, he said, he is quite concerned about no growth in population for the past 10 years. Chapman would like the city to devote more effort to job creation and better wages.

Citizen involvement prior to decision-making by local government is another area of concern, Chapman said. "Too often in the past we have not seen this take place," he said.

He has volunteered to serve on the city council's citizens committee to look into what the residents of Vermillion would like to do about the city hall issue.

Chapman has served on many civic and volunteer positions in the last 22 years. He is married with two children. His wife, Jan, and son, Neil, are both involved in the family's restaurant businesses.

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