Clubs Lavallee tells Rotary of U. marketing effort

There are several good reasons that explain why the University of South Dakota is now often known as "the U." according to Michelle Lavallee, vice president for marketing at USD. Lavallee, a member of the Vermillion Rotary Club, told her fellow Rotarians Tuesday at decisions to enhance the promotion of the university were made approximately three years ago. Shrinking high school populations, and a declining enrollment at USD beginning in 1995 motivated the design of the promotion campaign. "The strategy was to position the university brand among key constituencies," she said, including students and parents, alumni, donors, the press, employees, peer institutions, the Board of Regents and the Vermillion community. An advertising agency was hired to begin work on a program to promote USD. The agency gained feedback from focus groups made up of high school juniors and seniors and USD underclassmen. It was eventually decided to feature the U. in the university's promotions because the symbol makes a statement, "and it also focuses on the self � there is only one you," Lavallee said. The USD Foundation contributed $500,000 to the three year campaign. It's resulted in a 11 percent increase in the freshman class compared to 2002, and an overall enrollment increase of 3.3 percent. The campaign has helped bring some of the area's best and brightest students to the USD campus. "We've seen a 37 percent increase in students scoring 24 or higher on ACT scores," she said. Domino train on track The Mexican train domino game is back on track. On Tuesday, Feb. 10, table one had six players. Louise Eklund was high and Monica Ballard had low. Seven players were at table two. High went to Jayne Merrigan and low went to Babe Manning. Rolling in with a three-way mid-point tie at 296 points was Barb Larson, Marlene Amundsen and Louie Fostvedt. On Thursday, Feb. 12 there were nine players. High went to Barb Larson, and Verle Lawrensen was low with 208. At table one, Maxine Millette acquired high count and Fritz Bartels came in at 174 low points. See you at the Senior Center. Questions? Call 624-8072.

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