Clubs 4-H'ers have 'waffly-night'

The Jolly Juniorettes 4-H club met on Tuesday, Jan. 13, at the 4-H building kitchen for the first meeting of the new year. Emily Holoch, treasurer, brought the meeting to order. Sarah Mayer led the pledge of allegiance. Katie Van Balen led the 4-H pledge. Roll call was taken and everyone told one area they would like to exhibit in at the fair. Sarah Mayer read the previous meeting minutes. Emily Holoch read the treasurer's report. A new vice president was elected. Kate Van Balen will now hold the office. New Business: Fruit sales forms will be mailed Feb. 1. Everyone was encouraged to sell. This is the club's major fund raiser. New state fair dates are Sept. 3-7. Upcoming Events: Kids in the kitchen workshop, Feb. 7, open to ages 8-19, 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., lunch will be provided. "Journey to Paradise" retreat will be held Feb. 20-21 at the Multi Cultural Center of Sioux Falls. It is open to ages 13-19, cost $15. Teen camp counselors are needed, must be 16 years old and up. The Clay County 4-H Leaders Association will pay $35 per participant towards each 4-H members fee. 4-H members will pay $55 or so. Emily Holoch shared her experiences at 4-H camp. Motion to adjourn meeting by Sarah Mayer, Emily Holoch seconded it. A demonstration was given by Austin Krier titled "Waffles by Austin." A demonstration, "Chocolate Turtles," was given by Emily Holoch. It was a "waffly night." A lunch was served by Emily Holoch. January Military Care items were brought. A picture was taken. Letters were written to enclose in the care packages. Peanut butter cookies were baked to enclose in the care packages, too. On Thursday, Jan. 15, at 4 p.m. at the 4-H building the military care packages were packaged and then sent off to the Vermillion Troop CO B 109th Area Support Medical BN. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 7 at the 4-H kitchen. Ellen Hanson and Ellen Kennedy will give a demonstration. Kate Van Balen will give a judging school. The community service project will be to bring items for the food Pantry. Reporter: Ellen Hanson

Rotary gets glimpse of life in Baghdad

Despite the capture of Saddam Hussein and the end of his regime in Iraq, life hasn't returned to normal for that country's citizens. Jim Larsen of Vermillion recently spent time in Iraq, after the major fighting had ended, to help with reconstruction efforts there. Much of the things taken for granted in progressive countries � such as water treatment plants, electric generating facilities, and sewage treatment plants � had either been looted, vandalized or destroyed. Larsen's job as an operations specialist was to create contract actions and identify procurement needs, he said. He told the Vermillion Rotary Club Tuesday that Iraq has a great future in store. "We had to look at what could bring the Iraqi economy back," he said. "Obviously, we had to restore the oil infrastructure." Post-war Iraq's recovery, he said, is being managed by a coalition provisional authority. Oil isn't the only resource that will help the nation get back on its feet. "Iraq has phenomenal agricultural potential that was completely crushed during Hussein's reign," Larsen said. Larsen lived in one of Baghdad's major motels, and also resided for a time in Hussein's private yacht house. "You will find that 95 percent of the Iraqis want Americans there," Larsen said. "The 5 percent that don't are trying to hold on to power. They are members of an elite class that will use terror to keep that power. Iraq's citizens realize the potential power they can collectively wield in a democracy. Democracy hinges on the development of a positive capitalist society."? Warm welcome at Senior Center Frigid temperatures and snow banks didn't deter 10 seniors from gathering to play Mexican train dominos, Tuesday, Jan. 27. High achievers at two tables were Jane Merrigan and Marlene Amundsen. Low counts went to Doris Schmidt and Babe Manning. On Thursday, Jan. 29, 12 players showed up. High: Lorraine Zeller and Verle Lawrensen; low: Babe Manning and Nila Fostvedt. Come join us where you'll always find a warm welcome! Dominos at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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