Fifth- and sixth-grade BB report

Fifth- and sixth-grade BB report Iowa Hawkeyes (3-0) vs. Kentucky Wildcats (0-3).

Iowa beat Kentucky 34-10. Aaron Steele led the Hawkeyes with 16, Jerod Ceretti and Jimmy Lai both had 7 in the win. Jon Prezler scored 8 for the Wildcats.

Oklahoma Sooners (3-0) vs. North Carolina Tarheels (2-1)

Oklahoma beat the Tarheels 15-14. Zach Mcdonald had 4, and Ty Ozborne scored 2 for the Sooners. Blake Buddi had 6, and Austin Reich put in 4 for the Tarheels.

Arizona Wildcats (0-3) vs. Conneticut Huskies (1-2)

The Huskies beat the Wildcats 22-12. Tim Tigert led the Huskies with 8 points, and also for the Huskies was Wes McBride with 4. For the Wildcats was Michael Walker with 8, and Marcus Sand added 4.

Feb. 14 Match-ups:

Arizona vs. Oklahoma at 10 a.m.

Kentucky vs. Conneticut at 11 a.m.

North Carolina vs. Iowa at noon.

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