Great teacher, friend to retire

Great teacher, friend to retire by Amber Skjonsberg "I can't believe that they pay me for something I would do for free," said Barb Satter.

Just by walking past her in the hall way you can tell by the smile on her face that she loves being a teacher. But her smiling face won't be here next year; she's retiring to spend some time with her grandchildren while she can still enjoy it.

Ever since she was five years old Satter loved playing school, and without thinking twice about teaching it became her passion. When it was time to choose a career, teaching was the only thing that made sense because her only options were becoming a secretary, which wouldn't work because of her small organization problem; or being a nurse, which made her sick, literally (she couldn't stand the sight of blood).

Satter attended Moorhead Minnesota to become an FACS teacher for four years and she also attended The University of South Dakota, to become an elementary teacher which required two more years.

She received a job working at Irene. She ended up teaching the Irene students for 19 years before coming here to Wakonda.

She said her best teaching experience was when all three of her kids were in high school. "I was more interactive with the school and in my children's lives."

Satter's non-stop smile tells everyone who passes her in the hall way that she loves teaching.

"I feel appreciated here in Wakonda," Satter said. "The worst thing about teaching in Wakonda and in Irene is the driving."

Not only does forgetting one thing in Irene and then needing it in Wakonda make the driving back and forth that much worse, it's the games and sports. Splitting her loyalty between either school is hard, but she manages to find a way to support both the red and green teams.

Even though this is Satter's first year in Wakonda, she's not only become a great teacher she's also become a good friend to many of the students. When she told her FACS class she was retiring there wasn't a single person that didn't start crying. Finding out that their new found friend and teacher is going to leave Wakonda was hard, but after realizing why, they understood.

Spending time with her grandchildren is now Satter's number one priority, though it isn't her only priority. She also plans on getting some alone time by playing golf, gardening, and scrap booking.

Satter's retirement saddened all of her students because they're not only loosing a teacher, they're losing a friend.

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