Leap of faith festival is Feb. 29

Leap of faith festival is Feb. 29 A Leap of Faith Festival will be held on Sunday, Feb. 29, at the Viborg Community Center, starting at 4 p.m. The centerpiece of the festival is a Dakota Road Concert. Dakota Road had become known nationally for their stirring original music and playful performance style. They craft powerful stories of life and faith woven in colorful musical styles ranging from acoustic ballads to rocking anthems. Their songs of struggle and hope connect with people of all ages and walks of life.

There well also be Leap of Faith Mission Moments throughout the concert. These will be stories by and of youth and young adults who have taken a faith leap in their lives.

The evening will close with a partial potluck dinner. Sponsoring youth groups will provide taverns, hot dogs, chili dogs, ice cream sundaes, coffee and also have plates, forks napkins and cups and ice on hand. Each car load of people is asked to bring-a salad, a bag of chips, or a couple of 2-liter bottles of pop.

This festival was begun as a project of the Bethany Servants of Christ, because this year there is a fifth Sunday in February. This only happens once every 28 years because of leap year and we thought that it warranted a celebration. Many area churches have been invited to co-sponsor this concert and we have received a rural encouragement grant from the synod on the ELCA and a helping hands supplemental from the Thrivent Turner County Chapter #30624 and Thrivent Clay County Chapter #30570.

Although this concert is sponsored by youth it will appeal to all ages. The time of the concert was chosen to encourage families with young children and senior citizens to come and enjoy this thrice in a lifetime day. So pack up the car and head for the Viborg Community Center Feb. 29 by 4 p.m. A free will offering will be received.

For more information contact Bethany Lutheran Church of Viborg at 605-326-5619.

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