Letters City hall committee

To the editor:

The Vermillion City Council did what I am calling "good government" the evening of Feb. 17. The council approved a motion which will allow for a citizen's committee to immediately be formed, for the purpose of working directly with the city manager on the issue of the physical structure of Vermillion City Hall.

This is a great instance of listening to the people and working together in an attempt to resolve a controversial issue.

Any citizen interested in serving on this committee should contact City Manager Jim Patrick at 677-7050.

The council agreed that the citizen's group should number 10 persons or less, depending on the response of folks volunteering from throughout the community. If more than 10 people volunteer to serve, the council will make the final decision on the appointments to the committee.

This may not be the way that things are normally done, but this is certainly a good way to proceed on this controversial issue. It will give all of us, as elected officials and staff, direct input from our taxpayers, citizens and customers.

This is a fine example of good government, listening to and working for the people.

Dan Christopherson

Alderman Central Ward


Consider other uses for city tax funds

To the editor:

I really enjoyed watching the city council in action Tuesday night. The discussion about what we are going to do about city hall was quite refreshing in the fact that finally citizens will be brought into the picture, up front this time. It is what should have taken place the first time.

However, I feel that there is one side of this discussion that has still not taken place and that is why have we not been told what possible other uses for this second penny sales tax is there?

Could we spend it on a retirement village that has been talked about? Could we spend it on a convention center? Perhaps we could find something to spend it on that would bring jobs, customers, or new people to live in our community. Vermillion's economy could sure use a boost.

You will hear from city officials that this discussion did take place a few years ago. A few years ago is where I see the problem. What was right for Vermillion a few years ago when the economy was robust might not be what is good for us today.

When is the last time the city talked about job creation or growing our economy so employers could pay more? Has anyone not noticed that our population has remained the same for over 10 years?

So as we go forth in our citizen involvement of planning a new city hall don't forget there are other uses for this tax that could do something good for our economy. They would be wrong if they did not give these choices to us.

Jere Chapman


Daschle's spin

To the editor:

It is disappointing to see Sen. Daschle continue to spin President Bush's tax cut as simply "for the wealthy" in (last) week's edition of the Plain Talk. Tom fails to mention that according to the IRS, it is the top 50 percent of wage earners who pay over 96 percent of the taxes in this country.

Check the IRS's Web site and you will see that those who earn less than $50,000 per year shoulder a relatively small tax burden. ANY tax cut by any president, unless gerrymandered, will go mainly to the top wage earners. If Tom Daschle had his way and tax cuts had been targeted to the lower and middle classes, the influx of cash into the economy would have been so small it would have been laughable.

After the economy turned around in the early '80s due to the Reagan tax cuts, it took about two years for jobs to increase. When the recession in the early '90s (the recession was officially over before Clinton was sworn into office) turned around it also took about two years for jobs to rebound.

According to the latest economic data the U.S. economy is right on schedule for a jobs rebound later this year.

Thank God we have a president who understands economics. South Dakota should demand that their representatives in Washington give them the news straight, without any misleading�spin.

Robert Perez


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