Literacy awards announced

Literacy awards announced by Nicole Mosberger Every year reading councils from around the state sponsor a contest that showcases students' talents in reading, writing, and illustrating. These contests are the Reading Challenge, Young Author, and Young Illustrators contests.

The Vermillion Valley Reading Council sponsors this area's winners. Each school in the Vermillion Valley Reading Council (VVRC) selects three winners from each grade and category to compete at the VVRC level. If the entry wins there, then it goes on to compete at state.

All winners at the VVRC will be invited to a brunch held in Centerville on April 24. If the entry places at the state level, an invitation will be sent in the mail inviting the winner to Spearfish on March 11-13 for the annual Reading Council meeting and awards banquet.

Any entry earning honorable mention at the VVRC level will be invited to the Centerville brunch, but will not go on to state.

Below, Wakonda winners are announced (in random order). If "state entry" is written, they have won at the local level and at the Vermillion Valley Reading Council level. If the student won at state, their placing is listed.

Young Authors Winners

Kindergarten � Coddie Neering, Kyleigh Melstad, and Megan Little.

First Grade � Taylor Lyso, state entry, Tate Wagner and Mckenzie Goeden.

Second Grade � Preston Larson, Cody Geuther, and Michael Saffel.

Third Grade � Ben Holman, VVRC Honorable Mention, Mackenzie Huber, Alyson Johnson.

Fourth Grade � Logan Erickson, Alex Nelson, Phillip Hessman, VVRC Honorable Mention.

Fifth Grade � Nicole Schroeder, State Entry, Ivan Barnett, and Jordan Nelson.

Sixth Grade � Justin Polley, Casey Hessman, and Matt Brue.

Seventh Grade � Andrew Ganschow, VVRC Honorable Mention, Kelli Johnson, State Entry, Joshua Wagner.

Eighth Grade � Andy Peterson, Luke Lebert, Chris Nelson, State Entry.

Freshmen � Patrick Morrison, VVRC Honorable Mention, Andrew Jensen, State Entry.

Juniors � Jeanie Stockland, State Entry.

Seniors � Lindsay Nelson, State Entry.

Reading Challenge Winners

(and pages read)

Second Grade � Michael Saffel 2,236, Justin Ostrem 1,874, and Josie Huber 1,746.

Third Grade � Alyson Johnson 2,814, Mariah Larson 2,692, and Mackenzie Huber 1,120.

Seventh Grade � Kenneth Erickson 3,401, State Entry, Second Place, Vincent Varileck 1,365, State Entry, Third Place, Megan Book 745

Freshman � Andrew Jensen 1,166, State Entry.

Juniors � Jeanie Stockland 23,197, State Entry, First Place.

Young Illustrator Winners

Kindergarten � Dana Crissman, Andrea Sokolowski, VVRC Honorable Mention, Shelby Jensen.

First Grade � Lexi Johnsen, Lauren Sokolowski, State Entry, Noah Westergaard.

Second Grade � Jordan Jorgensen, Justin Ostrem, State Entry, Keeley Vogt.

Third Grade � Alyson Johnson, Mariah Larson, Eva Barnhart, VVRC Honorable Mention.

Fourth Grade � Lauren Mews, VVRC Honorable Mention, Janae Johnson, VVRC Honorable Mention, Pearl Gaidelis.

Fifth Grade � Miranda Steffen, Greg Peterson, State Entry,

Roxanne Polley, VVRC Honorable Mention.

Sixth Grade � Daniel Sokolowski, VVRC Honorable Mention, Austin Westergaard, VVRC Honorable Mention, Casey Hessman, VVRC Honorable Mention.

Grades not listed did not have any entries.

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