Neighborhood Watch fights meth problem

Neighborhood Watch fights meth problem Employees of Clay Rural Water System and Clay/Union Electric Co-op met with the Clay County Sheriff's Office Feb. 19 at 1 p.m. to discuss their neighborhood watch programs in Clay and Union counties.

Information was presented to the group regarding how to identify suspicious behavior, how to report the suspicions, and what law enforcement might do with the information. The employees were told what information will be helpful in giving a description of a suspect or suspect vehicle and what to look for to help law enforcement in identifying a suspect.

Information was also presented to help identify indications of illegal drug making activity with particular emphasis on marijuana cultivation and methamphetamine labs.

Both organizations have had a neighborhood watch program for many years but recently, Tim Gregoire and Greg Merrigan of Clay Rural Water System approached Clay County Sheriff Andy Howe to seek information to revitalize the program.

"We appreciate the proactive involvement of Clay Rural Water and Clay/Union Electric in our efforts to protect our citizens and their property," Howe said. "These employees travel all over Clay and Union counties every day. They know their customers and can identify suspicious behavior in cases where others would not.

"I am thankful for so many additional eyes and ears to help us keep watch over the county. With the prevalence of meth labs moving into rural areas," he said, "these groups can keep us informed of suspicious activity in a very timely manner and help us build the cases against the drug suppliers we need to protect our youth from easy access to the drug."

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