School district receives $3,900 federal grant for educational improvement

School district receives $3,900 federal grant for educational improvement by Lindsay Nelson The Wakonda School District has been awarded a $3,900 award for the improvement of education (FIE) calculator and GPS lab. Seventy-nine proposals from school districts were reviewed by the S.D. Dept. of Education; 52 received awards.

FIE federal grants are awarded to the S.D. Department of Education by the U.S. Department of Education to distribute to local school districts in order to provide students with increased access to high level, quality learning experiences through advanced technologies. The funds will also be used to prepare and support teachers while they learn to use and teach with advanced technologies, such as wireless laptops and hand-held devices.

The competitive process required applicant school districts to demonstrate innovative strategies for use of the technologies, including development and implementation of curriculum that will serve as a model for others.

Making FIE funds available is part of the state's ongoing effort to promote integration of technology into classroom processes so that South Dakota students have solid foundations when they graduate and step in post-secondary education or the world of work.

Tod Bak will be working with the freshman class at Wakonda to accomplish their goals of the proposed project. The work focuses on alternative energy. For more information contact Bak, local project coordinator at 267-2644.

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