Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight by Amber Skonsberg "You grow and learn from your mistakes. It's okay if you don't always do the right thing and to love everything about your life because it's the only one you get."

Emma's older sister Julie has inspired Emma to be herself and not let anyone change who she is and what she believes in. You can tell that with Emma's lovable outlook on life, positive attitude, and quirky personality she has never let anyone change who she is.

All grown up and headed out of the small town of Wakonda, Emma's leaving her supportive parents, Paul and Myra, and her loving younger brother Andy behind just like her older siblings, Julie, Sarah, David, and Kristin did. But Emma isn't following any of her family's footsteps, she's making her own.

Emma is going to college to get her bachelor's degree in nursing either at SDSU in Brookings or at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. But no matter where she decides to go she will always have great memories of her friends and teachers from high school. Memories like when Mr.Bak, in biology, was teaching about frog reproduction and told her class there wasn't such a thing as "froggy style." And she'll always have the memory of her first crush, Troy Humpal, walking down the hallway and Emma thinking it was a big deal that his arm happened to touch hers when she walked by him. And Emma will never forget about the "my abs are as firm as ?" talks in volleyball practice when doing endless amount of crunches and sit-ups.

Having all these great memories of high school makes Emma stop and realize just how much she's going to miss seeing her friends every day and knowing that they're only a quick skip, hop, and a jump away from being there for each other. "I'm going to miss being together with everyone and not worrying about not knowing someone, having the security of a small-town and a small class size."

Emma has participated in band, jazz band, chorus, student council, and Peer Helpers for four years. She has also been in volleyball and Teens-in-Action for two years and varsity BBB cheerleader and Eagles football cheerleader for one year.

Emma's unchangeable personality will be missed by all of her friends and family that she'll leave behind.

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