Snow, snow and more snow ? enough is enough!

Snow, snow and more snow ? enough is enough! by Nicole Mosberger The only exciting thing that has been going on in Wakonda is snow snow, snow.

For the past two weeks that's all Wakonda people have seen. Wakonda School has been cancelled six times, not to count the many late starts due to the weather.

As much as every student loves snow days, and even a few teachers, the fear of sitting in school in June is nearing reality. The original date of May 14 was to be Wakonda's last school day of the 2003-04 school year. Now May 21 is the magic day. Even third quarter must be pushed back due to the white stuff. The snow was a welcomed sight for the first times, but now students and workers just want to get back to school and work.

"We ran out of things to do," says junior Amber Skjonsberg. The first couple snow days students took part in many outside activities. Snow mobiling, and sledding seemed to be popular choices. It was commonplace to find high schoolers playing King of the Mountain on nearby snow piles, and more courageous adventurers hooking up sleds to car bumpers while being pulled through the white, abandoned streets of town.

The weather has also stopped many from going to work. These inside dwellers might have opted for renting movies from the convenience store in town, or trudging over to an in-town friend's home for a card party.

Many people say that they don't want any more snow. They want to go to school and to work. They are tired of their sporting events being cancelled and they can't stand to watch one more episode of Dr. Phil. No one is arguing with the groundhog these days � we believe you.

Now give us a hint of spring.

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