Solid waste department seeks input on recycling

Solid waste department seeks input on recycling The city of Vermillion is seeking public input on the Solid Waste Department's recycling program.

"Recycling is a major part of the mission of the city of Vermillion's Solid Waste Department," said Phyllis Packard, solid waste director, "and in order to provide the public with an environmentally positive and economically viable recycling program, the city's solid waste department is asking for assistance and comments."

Specifically, the department wants to hear suggestions on how to make the recycling trailer work better for local citizens.

Recently, and primarily due to snow and ice, the recycling trailer next to the city liquor store near Jones' Food Center was removed until better weather conditions allow easier access.

Due to the recent quantity of snow and ice, the trailer became difficult and dangerous to maneuver in and out for emptying.

Packard said she and others involved with managing Missouri Valley Recycling management is proud of Vermillion's recyclers.

Plastic, paper, and metal delivered to the facility drop-off program are cleaned and sorted and items which cannot be recycled are either not brought in or taken home.

The clean, sorted materials allow the personnel to work efficiently on customer service, baling and marketing," Packard said. "Maybe it is the bad weather � it is hard to separate materials when it is cold � but our experience with the trailer has been that some people are not taking the time to recycle in a responsible manner."

Bags of kitchen garbage have been mixed in the newspaper, and the tin and aluminum are all dumped together, she said. The contamination and sorting add to the cost of recycling.

"When the materials must be sorted and cleaned at the recycling center it takes time away from customer service, baling and marketing," Packard said.

She said many residents have commented that they like the recycling trailer's convenience and the solid waste department plans to continue the program.

To provide comments and suggestions about the enhnacing the use of the trailer and to give input on other recycling-related issues, citizens may e-mail or call (605) 677-7076.

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