Vermillion High School wrestlers take the mat in Parker

Vermillion High School wrestlers take the mat in Parker The Vermillion Tanagers were among the teams to participate in the Parker Wrestling Invitational on Jan. 31.

Other teams were Dakota Valley, Deuel, Fulda/Murray Co. Central, MN, Marshall, MN, McCook Central, Mitchell JV, Parker, Platte, Sioux Valley, Stanely County, Tri-Valley, Wagner and Worthington, MN.

Team results were: Wagner, 233.5, Parker 138.5, Fulda/Murray Co. Central 118.5, Tri-Valley 93.0, Deuel 68.0, Sioux Valley 66.5, McCook Central 62.0, Vermillion 55.0, Marshall, MN 51.0, Platte 45.5, Worthington, MN 29.0, Dakota Valley 25.0, Mitchell JV 23.0.

Ross Deelstra of Parker was named the outstanding wrestler for the meet.

Vermillion's individual results were: 112 � Kyle Hubert, first place; 135 � Andy Hayner, third place; and 189 � Jordan Anderson, fourth place.

First round

103 � Carlson (V) received a bye.

112 � Hubert (V) � received a bye.

119 � Carter (SC) WBF over O'Connor (V) in 0:42.

130 � Heine (V) received bye.

135 � Hayner (V) received a bye.

152 � Farrens (V) received a bye.

189 � Anderson (V) received a bye.

275 � Hawley (V) received a bye.

Quarter finals

103 � Jeremiason (Mar) WBF over Carlson (V) in 5:44.

112 � Hubert (V) WBF over Wenonde (Mit) in 1:09.

130 � Hansen (Deu) won by decision over Heine (V) 7-3.

135 � Hayner (V) WBF over Munneke (Pla) in 3:43.

152 � Ashbauh (Deu) WBF over Farrens (V) in 0:56.

189 � Nickels (Wag) WBF over Anderson (V) in 4:50.

275 � Metzger (Wag) WBF over Hawley (V) in 0:31.

First round wrestleback

119 � O'Connor (V) received a bye.

Second round wrestleback

103 � Carlson (V) WBF Vermillion (Par) in 2:18.

119 � Koller (Par) won by major decision over O'Connor (V) 14-4.

130 � Heine (V) received a bye.

152 � Farrens (V) received a bye.

189 � Anderson (V) received a bye.

275 � Hawley (V) received a bye.


112 � Hubert (V) WBF over Kafka (Wag) in 0:53.

135 � Koupal (Wag) won by decision over Hayner (V) 5-4.

Third round wrestleback

103 � Carlson (V) won by major decision over Geise (FMC) 14-2.

130 � Heine (V) won by decision over Leite (SV) 4-0.

152 � McGregor (McC) WBF over Farrens (V) in 1:25.

189 � Anderson (V) won by major decision over Behr (TV) 12-1.

275 � Ireland (Mit) WBF over Hawley (V) in 1:13.

Fourth round wrestleback

103 � Koupal (Wag) won by major decision over Carlson (V) 17-7.

130 � Scott (SC) won by major decision over Heine (V) 12-2.

135 � Hayner (V) won by decision over Rasmussen (DV) 10-4.

189 � Anderson (V) won by decision over Hattan (DV) 6-2.


112 � Hubert (V) won by decision over Bowman (DV) 7-5.

135 � Hayner (V) WBF over Meyers (TV) in 4:03.

189 � Jacobs (Par) WBF over Anderson (V) in 2:33.

"I was pleased with our team performance on Saturday, But improvements can still be made before the end of the season," said coach Casey O'Connor. "We lacked the mental focus needed to win many close matches. This is a crucial element in determining which wrestlers will qualify for the state tournament. Our three placers wrestled very well throughout the day. Many of our young wrestlers did not place, but showed great improvements on the match."

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