Vocalists successful at small group contest

Vocalists successful at small group contest The VHS Choral Department participated in SDHSAA Region I Small Group Vocal Contest on Wednesday, Feb. 11 in Yankton.

VHS took 51 solos, 10 duets and 16 ensembles/large groups. After hard work and many hours of preparation, the singers took home over 68 percent division I (superior) ratings, including two division I+ ratings.

They also received 23 division II (excellent) ratings and one division III (good) rating. Choir members were awarded a total of 181 superior medals.

The following ensembles received division I+ ratings: Senior Trio (Holly Heaton, Noelle Harden and Cassie McBride), and Anna Geis, solo.

The following soloists were awarded division I (superior) ratings: Mike Clark, Laura Aga, Zach Holoch, Zach Mortensen, Cassie McBride, Noelle Harden, C.J. Harden, Kristi Olson, Molly O'Connor, Carrie Christensen, Erin Austin, Paige Prosser, Lindsey Isaacson (piano), Michelle Rydell (piano), Justin Manning, Torrie Rasmussen, Chris Jensen, Jacob Geis, Molly Woodard, BreAnn Lueders, Lindsay Morecraft, Kata Gombocz, Kim Baker, Georgia Gray-Lobe, Hannah Pommersheim, Cecily Engelhart, Sarah Mayer, Ariel Begley, Taylor Drake, Sarah McCann, Ellen Odson.

The following soloists were awarded division II (excellent) ratings: Robin Rolston, Meagan O'Connor, Holly Heaton, Jacque Smidt, Katie Cafruny, Collin Prosser, Mary Thompson, Molly Hammond, Danielle Fox, Lindsey Isaacson, Heather Howitz, Sarah Gregg, A.J. Manning, Christina Wellsfry, Ren Raidoo, Kristin Welk.

The following soloist was awarded division III (good) rating: Jena Mulder.

The following duets received division I ratings: Zach Holoch/Noelle Harden, Cassie McBride/Noelle Harden, Laura Aga/Zach Mortensen, Laura Aga/Sarah Gregg, Mike Clark/Zach Holoch, Justin Manning/Jacque Smidt.

The following duets received division II ratings: Sarah Gregg/Mike Clark, Allison Beeman/Jennie Bellis, Erin Austin/Collin Prosser, Erin Austin/Jacque Smidt.

The following ensembles received division I ratings: VHS Rhythm in Red, Senior Women's Large Group (Kendra Gottsleben, N. Harden, Gregg, Rolston, Christine Berry, Colette Joy, Zaveria Flores, Heaton, Isaacson, Heather Heine, Brittany Gilkyson, Ali Johnson, Carfuny, McBride, Ana Ackerman, Ashley Hofer and Mulder), Junior Women's Large Group (M. Thompson, Gray-Lobe, K. Olson, Molly O'Connor, L. Aga, Ellissa Jordt, Ali Loen, E. Odson, Theresa Dendinger, Drake, E. Austin, Kelsie Austin, Sarah Christopherson, Tasia Job, Smidt, Howitz), Sophomore Women's Large Group (P. Prosser, Allison Beeman, Meagan O'Connor, A. Geis, Becky Hanson, Trisha Irvine, Wellsfry, Rasmussen, Jadee Hofer, Woodard, Shelli Knutson, Jennis Bellis, Erin Hesla, Mayer, Stacey Munkvold, Christensen, Baker and Fox), Freshmen Women's Large Group (Gombocz, Begley, Hammond, Engelhart, McCann, Bethany Sand, Ruby Reis, Pommersheim, Kaili Johnson, Lueders, Stephanie Taylor, Yiyun Zou, Alicia Moreau, Morecraft, Molly Manning, Welk), All-State Large Group (N. Harden, McBride, Heaton, Molly O'Connor, Olson, Aga, Gregg, Pommersheim, Loen, Meagan O'Connor, J. Manning, Holoch, Clark, Mortensen, Paul Wait, Jensen), Men's Large Group (Nelson Chang, Holoch, A. Manning, J. Manning, Steven Millage, Mortensen, Glen Foltz, Clark, C. Prosser, Rogge, Wait, Jensen, Mark Amiotte, Caleb Berry, J. Geis, C. Harden), Junior Women's Triple Trio (M. Thompson, K. Olson, Molly O'Connor, L. Aga, Howitz, Loen, E. Odson, E. Austin and Smidt), Sophomore Trio (P. Prosser, A. Geis, Christensen), Senior Men's Quartet (Holoch, J. Manning, Clark, Mortensen), Freshmen Women's Quartet (Morecraft, M. Manning, Pommersheim, Lueders, Sand).

The following ensembles received division II ratings: Men's Ensemble (Chuck Odson, Raidoo, Aaron Hanson, A. Manning, Rogge, Amiotte, C. Harden, Millage, Chang, Jensen), Sophomore Women's Quartet (Woodard, Beeman, Knutson, Bellis), Freshmen Women's Quartet (Gombocz, Begley, Hammnond, Engelhart).

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