WHS junior varsity dominates tournament

WHS junior varsity dominates tournament by Bethany Parvin The Wakonda JV won both of their games Saturday, Jan. 31 at the second annual Wakonda JV Invite. They dominated both the teams they played. The ninth- and 10th- graders outscored Gayville-Volin by 17 points, and Centerville by 15 points.

In the first round of the tourney, Wakonda played Gayville-Volin's ninth- and 10th-graders. In the first quarter Wakonda's defense was just

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too much for the Raiders' offense, which only allowed them to score 4 points. The Warriors' offense scored 9 points.

In the second quarter the Raiders scored 7 more points to the boards, while the Warriors added 12 more points. The halftime score was Wakonda, 21; Gayville- Volin, 11.

In the third quarter, the Warriors added 16 more points to the scoreboard. Gayville-Volin added a mere 8 points to their book. Wakonda won the game with a final score of 42-25.

For the final game the JV Warriors took on the Centerville Tornadoes. Wakonda came out of the last game into the first quarter of this game still playing strong.

The Warriors made 16 points while the well-defended Centerville team scored 4. In the second quarter, the Warriors scored only 6 points, while Centerville outscored them by 2 adding 8 points to the score.

Ending the half, the Warriors were still dominating, 22-12. Wakonda came out of the locker room scoring only 8 points making their score 30, while Centerville scored 9 more points for a total of 21.

Wakonda was able to squeeze 8 more points in before the buzzer sounded for the last time in the game. The Warriors claimed the tournament championship by defeating Centerville 38-23.

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