Win or lose, parents are always there for kids on team

Win or lose, parents are always there for kids on team by Lindsay Nelson Parents play many roles in today's young one's lives. Many parents have been devoted fans through out their children's high school years. Parents, unlike kids, are not told do things. They do not have to cheer at every game, wear their children's school colors or even show up at the game if they don't want to; but still they do.

Wakonda has always been blessed with kind, cheerful, dedicated parents and fans that fill up Wakonda's bleachers with a sea of green. Without such wonderful fans basketball would not be the wonderful sport it is today.

For one thing, without the help of parents, who would drive the young elementary almost stars to games and tournaments during the summer when critical practice is needed before high school? Who would reinstall the happiness in a child's heart after a bad game and reassure them the next game would be their best? Lastly, who would come to every game no matter if the team wins or loses and still cheer their hearts out?

Parents fulfill all of these needs and for that and everything else they do, we thank them. We hope they always know how appreciated they are and that without them basketball or any other sport in general would be at a serious loss.

The parents and fans of the Wakonda were able to watch their Warriorettes win two conference games this week. The Warriorettes traveled to Viborg on Tuesday, Feb. 10 and dominated the Viborg Vikings 54-43. The Warriorettes came out in the first quarter and shut away any hope for Viborg, leaving the first quarter score 21-3. The Vikings were able to inch their way back into the game slowly through out the next three quarters but were unable to beat the tenacious Warriorettes.

Nikki Johnston led the Warriorettes with 15 points and 9 rebounds. Kim Henriksen followed with 13 points and 11 rebounds and Lindsay Nelson added 11 points. Chelsa Bohlmann led the defense with five steals, Ashley Anderson and Nelson each added four. Nelson and Bohlmann also dished out three assists a piece.

Thursday, Feb. 12, the Warriorettes honored their parents for all of their hard work and dedication to the Warriorette basketball program. Parents were announced right after the B game and joined their children out on the court. The Warriorettes also announced their "Friend of Basketball" award. This award is given to a fan who has been to all or a majority of the Warriorettes' games and has truly supported the team in any way they could. This year the Warriorettes chose three women, their ladies in green: Mrs. Casey Pollman, Ms. Kristine Gillete, and Mrs. Stephanie Light.

After the parents recognition the Warriorettes took on the Hurley Bulldogs in their last conference game. Wakonda came out strong and never looked back winning the game 60-45.

Johnston led her team once again with 20 points and six rebounds. Henriksen and Nelson followed with 13 and 12 points respectively. Anderson and Henriksen each grabbed seven rebounds and stole the ball six and five times to lead the Warriorettes' defense. Nelson and Bohlmann dished out another four assists each to their teammates to bring home the win.

The Warriorettes' junior varsity team defeated Viborg but lost to Hurley for the week.

The Warriorettes are now 12-6 and finished 5-2 in the conference.

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